This is my first attorney review (and hopefully my last!) but I had to take the time to show my appreciation of Mr. Khosravi's excellent work. I contacted the JQK Law office to get me a work visa. Mr. Khosravi was extremely patient and knowledgeable. He was always available and communication was great. He always returned my phone calls and answered my emails within the same day. All I had to do was provide them with the necessary information and sign paper work and everything else was done for me. I'd highly recommend Mr. Khosravi and his firm to anyone in need of immigration services.

Mehdi, Los Angeles (5 Stars)

Mr. Khosravi is our company's immigration lawyer. We could write a book describing how competent, nice, and professional he is. Immigration processes are hard and the outcome of cases is not always up to the lawyer, however, John does more than his best and we feel 100% safe and happy with him. Mr. Khosravi is aware of every single aspect of our business and builds the strongest, most successful cases. Moreover, he always stays in touch and guides us through many details regarding the immigration law. We were so lucky to find him and we know that we could never find a better lawyer.

Evgeny, Las Vegas (5 Stars)

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I've been eligible for citizenship for a couple years but had always put it aside since each time I opened up the N-400 I was overwhelmed. I reached out to John based on recommendations from friends and he made taking care of my citizenship paperwork a seamless process. I was really worried that I was going to mess something up on the paperwork when doing it myself so it was great to have someone to help. He caught some really big mistakes on my first pass at the paperwork that I had considered complete, which would've caused a lot of delays and hardship. He really helped simplify the entire process. John definitely knows what he's doing and he's a great person to talk to, I'd strongly recommend him.

Kasra, Brooklyn (5 Stars)

John was knowledgable and professional. A smooth process and I would highly recommend JQK to anyone

Andrew, Los Angeles (5 Stars)

My Australian husband and I were overwhelmed with the process of obtaining his green card so we searched immigration lawyers in the area and came across many, however, John was the only one who responded promptly to our phone call. He was knowledgable, very personable and set us on the right track straight away. We've had lots of questions throughout the entire process and he has always been patient and easy to get in touch with, whether it was through email or phone calls. The office is very nice and the staff was professional. We would highly recommend John to anyone!!!!!!!!!

Courtney, Los Angeles (5 Stars)

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I thought I was the only one in LA without a cluster of lawyer friends and began my search for counsel the same way you are weighing your options right now. I tread carefully and inhaled as many reviews as I could across Yelp, GooglePlus and Avvo, and then visited the various Web sites of the respective offices.I held phone consultations or initiated email exchanges with a half-dozen firms but JQK was the best option for me.

Mr. Khosravi is a consummate professional and a great listener who is hands-on and thorough. He is comfortable saying "I'm not sure. Let me look that up," and then offers a prompt and clear explanation of the issue. My preferred method of communication is email and his responses are always timely. I'm certain he's just as accessible over the phone.

On a personal note, Mr. Khosravi is warm and never once made me feel uncomfortable while going over my detailed history. He is always polite, elegant and classy. In every sense of each word, he's a scholar and a gentleman and he earned our trust and confidence with how he conducted himself from the opening interaction.

Mr. Khosravi was essentially with us for a single case but discussed a couple of other issues that popped up in our lives around the same time, and he was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. Now, my wife refers to him as 'our lawyer'.

Needless to say, our case resolved in our favor rather uneventfully thanks to Mr. Khosravi. With all the glowing praise, you might consider balking with the idea that Mr. Khosravi sounds like he could be "Mr Big Shot Legal Advisor to the Rich and Famous". I don't know if he is or isn't, but I found him reasonable and a pleasure to work with.

Maovish, Los Angeles (5 Stars)

Mr. Khosravi was a wonderful Immigration Lawyer. He took our case, started it immediately and dealt with all the issues that came up without hesitation. We always had quick and good communication and he kept us notified of everything that was going on. Every time there was a hiccup, he was immediately on top of it and resolved the issues seamlessly. My family and I are going to hire Mr. Khosravi for another case and I'm actually looking forward to working with him again. I have recommended Mr. Khosravi to my family members and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent and honest immigration lawyer.

Hoda, Manhatten (5 Stars)