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At the JQK Immigration Law Firm, we are proud to provide top level and exception service to our immigration clients. Dedication to our clients and the the best level of representation is our primary goal. With years of experience in this field of law, we focus on Family and Business-Based Immigration to the U.S. We can help you properly navigate through this stressful experience.

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You need reliable representation for your case. The JQK Immigration Law Firm will treat your case with personal attorney attention. From the initial phone call, to emails, meetings and follow ups, we believe that you deserve to have the full attention of the attorney that you hire.

Our Immigration Law Firm provides representation on many immigration matters, including:

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (D.A.C.A.)

  • Visas and Green Cards

  • Naturalization and Citizenship

  • Change and Extension of Status

  • Work Visas

  • Investment Visas

  • And much more.

Don't waste any time with lawyers that avoid your phone calls, use their receptionist as a barrier between you too, or delay you case unreasonably.

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"John has a broad range of experience in immigration matters, an enthusiasm for helping people and an incredible drive to find" the solution. "This is the type of advocate you want going to bat for you"

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We handle cases locally from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Orange County (including Irvine, Santa Ana & Laguna Niguel) as well as nationwide such as in Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle Washington, San Diego, California, Manhattan & Brooklyn New York, and Internationally such as from Russia, Vietnam, Iran and the Middle East, Germany, France, England, Australia and South America.

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