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Our Orange County Office is located in Irvine, CA. Irvine is a special and beautiful city home to many new immigrants looking to live in peace and prosperity. It provides some of the best schools in the country and is home to top universities and global companies. The southern California weather can't be beat!

Immigrating to the United States is a life-changing event and requires an attorney that understands and cares about people in this situation. Founding Attorney John Khosravi is the child of immigrants and knows this experience first hand. Regardless of the type of immigration problems you face, the JQK Immigration Law Firm will confidentially and with great care, assist you in reaching your goals!

If you face an Immigration problem do not hesitate, and contact our office now: (310) 582-5904

It can seem intimidating to contact an attorney at first, but we want you to know that we will put you at ease. From our receptionist to our attorneys, we know where you have been and what feelings you are experiencing. We will calmly move your through the process to put you at east and have a sense of confidence in our ability to get you to your goals. 

We have experience in a wide range of immigration issues

The JQK Immigration Law Firm is dedicated to getting results. Our clients can testify to this. To obtain this success, we are dedicated to keeping on top of the newest changes in laws and doing the deep research necessary to prepare the best case possible. Case include:

We will work with you from the first day to learn about you and your case, do the necessary research and walk you through the options. Once the proper decisions are made, we will vigorously pursue your case until completion. Our success has created a legion of fans, and good friends. We still keep in touch with our clients years after the case is finished. We truly become family! We look forward in working with you in our Irvine Office and provide that personal service you require.

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(310) 582-5904

We handle cases locally from Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Orange County (including Irvine, Santa Ana & Laguna Niguel) as well as nationwide such as in Las Vegas, Nevada, Seattle Washington, San Diego, California, Manhattan & Brooklyn New York, and Internationally such as from Russia, Vietnam, Iran and the Middle East, Germany, France, England, Australia and South America.

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"John has a broad range of experience in immigration matters, an enthusiasm for helping people and an incredible drive to find" the solution. "This is the type of advocate you want going to bat for you"

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