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Approved L-1b Intracompany Transfer Specialized Knowledge Employee (New Office) in less than 2 Weeks!

Samples of Approved L-1A and L-1B Cases by the JQK Law Firm


PHONE:       (818) 934-1561

Approved L-1a Intracompany Transfer for Executive (New Office) in Less than 2 weeks!

Approved L-2 Spouse Work Permit (EAD) Request

Approved L-1A Extension for Small Business, Approved in 2 Months without an RFE or Using Premium Processing!

Approved L-1 Visa Stamp in Passport

L-1A Approved After Initial Denial (of the Application Submitted by Another Law Firm firm)

Approved L-1A Intracompany Transfer (Executive) Extension Approved in Only 4 Days!

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Approved L-2 Extension of Status for L-2 Spouse

Approved L-1B Extension, Approved in 7 Days!